one man wrecking crew


STANOSAUR is a one man wrecking crew.

With an old Les Paul, old Sunn amps and cabinets; Stan creates a drone of immense proportions. The low frequencies shake the world. STANOSAUR played on the opening cut of the new mermen record as a member of Sirens Orchestra. Check it out at

Latest Show


Hungry I VS. Stanosaur
with Key Lime Pie and Nemanja DJ
Hungry I, 546 Broadway, San Francisco

STANOSAUR has played

The Rocket Room

The Stork Club

Thee Parkside

Rosie’s Roadhouse

Loopfests ’99 – ’14

Park Chalet with The Mermen

Berkeley Arts Festival

…and looking for more gigs!

For booking info contact STANOSAUR
phone: 415-771-2404 email:

Old man, old guitar, old amplifiers…what’s not to love?